Spot the livestock

I’ve recently arrived in Ahmedabad, India for a work assignment.  This has been something I have looked forward to (and hoped to do) for some time.  I have never been to India, so this is all new.  Newness challenges us, as you know, to see thing differently – or, I believe, in worse cases, to close ourselves up and harden our imported points of view and beliefs and see them only as stark contrasts as compared with what we encounter abroad.

At this point in my life, I am determined to see what’s new for me with open (okay let’s say it, *fresh*) eyes.  With closed eyes would just result in bruises, right?

Speaking of bruises.  I almost hurt myself laughing on my first morning commute to the Duke CE office in Ahmedabad, on the campus of the Indian Institute of Management.  My driver, whose name I unfortunately can’t spell and can only barely pronounce, welcomed me into the Suzuki sedan from the Royal Orchid hotel, and away we went.

Into the melee.

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5 Responses to Spot the livestock

  1. Karen Kay says:

    Camels and Cows and ….rain! Oh my!

  2. rani gill says:

    How awesome! I have to say, your commute seemed relatively calm. Your driver is just easing you in 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more — especially when you see your first elephant on the commute.

    • Steve Mahaley says:

      No elephants yet (darn) – but a couple of camels, several goats, lots of various types of cattle, tons of dogs, some donkeys, and one cat. That I’ve seen so far.

  3. Paul Baerman says:

    Maybe more cows in the road here would make us more careful drivers! Howdy to my friends in the Duke CE Ahmedabad office–

  4. Dave says:

    So did you find a place to get a good steak? I mean Blackie is fresh here at home, but i am thinking you can get something there even quicker off the hoof!

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