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It’s not whether, it’s how.

Racism. It creeps into so many conversations and those perpetrating racist ideology (yes, I’ll call it that) don’t even realize it.  It’s the ethical equivalent of unconscious incompetence when it comes to awareness of one’s own prejudices when it comes … Continue reading

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Connecting Social Media to Learning

I’m confused. I hear the term ‘social media’ being used as a place holder for new hardware (tablets, smartphones, iPods, etc.) AND for content that is accessible through new hardware or web distribution mechanisms, AND for software people are using (Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Amaryllis

“Can I help you?” I asked the lady who I had watched, walking slowly up the sidewalk in front of me.  She was balancing a large bin on her head.  This seemed unusual.  I saw a lot of this in … Continue reading

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