Life after prison

It’s been easy to grow up with the privileges and guidance I have had.  It’s easy in this culture to have a very simple view of the criminal justice system:  bad guys are caught for doing bad things and they get their due by being put out of sight, behind bars – contained deep inside mazes of concrete and steel.

Tonight I attended the premier of Alan Julich’s Against the Tide, a documentary that covers the last days of two inmates in a local prison before they were released, and then their transition into society.  Imagine incarceration for twenty-five years.  One of them sent to prison when he was just  sixteen  years old!

Tonight’s premier was attended by the gentlemen in question, along with members of their support teams.  These teams are comprised of ordinary citizens.  But not really.  I believe they are extraordinary, and am proud to know them.  Thank you to the support team members and Alan for capturing this amazing story.  And congratulations to those re-entering society and making their way around the obstacles that our system puts in place.

Enjoy the following preview, and if so moved, check out the link following to their website  and order a copy.

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1 Response to Life after prison

  1. amahaley says:

    We have the moral obligation to rethink our criminal justice system. We have the opportunity and imperative to make vital changes. But who is willing to listen and where is the power really resting?

    Thanks to Alan for making this movie and hats off to the incredible care teams who are doing the hard work.

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